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The descriptions and explanations in the various items below address the law as it is currently. The laws and procedures do change occasionally and usually in the years the Texas Legislature meets. This is every other year usually on odd numbered years. Therefore, it is suggested you consult the referenced Texas Law suggested in the descriptions and explanations. Note that this site in the "Legal Links" section has links to the Texas Penal Code, Transportation Code, drug code (Texas Health and Safety Code), and other areas where you can find descriptions of the referenced law. Also, in the most read sections, for quick reference, there is a link directly to the Penal Code and to the Drug Code in each section below at the bottom of each page that you can use to go quickly and directly to the referenced law. Also, feel free to call our office to ensure you have the most up to date information. The explanations are written in layman's terms and legal jargon is attempted to be kept to a minimum. It is expected that non lawyers will be looking at the site and trying to get an idea of what they are facing or how to do something in the legal system. The explanations are written as though I am addressing a potential client instead of a Supreme Court Judge. You are, of course, always welcome to call our office if you have a question or a concern. We stress being courteous and helpful.